Hiatal Hernia Repair Through Laparoscopic Surgery

Hernia is a medical condition in which organs protrude out from the cavities in which they are set and is a very common disorder among people. As a result, hernia surgeries have become common and are now not very expensive as in the yester decades. Hernia can be of different types depending on the location. Hiatal Hernia is one such type. With the advancement in medical science, laparoscopic surgery can be successfully used for hiatal hernia repair.


What is ‘ Hiatal Hernia ’ ?

When a part of the stomach protrudes into the oesophageal hiatus at the diaphragm, it is called a hiatal hernia. These hernias may be traumatic or non traumatic. Obesity, weakening of the muscles because of ageing can be a reason for hiatal hernia. Though very rare, pregnancy has also been found to be a reason for this hernia.
Chest radiographs and barium scans are the prominent tests that are used for the diagnosis of hiatal hernia. CT scan or MRI might also be suggested in case the medical practitioner feels it is essential.

What is the surgery procedure for a hiatal hernia ?

Usually, a surgery is the solution for this hernia. The surgery aims at reducing the wide oesophageal hiatus. Method of fundoplication is used to apply wraps to reduce these gaps. In the last step, hill repair, the posterior abdominal areas are attached to the cardia of the stomach.
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